Practicing Discernment and Healing with Divination


When we think about divination we typically think about inquiring our divinatory tools for insight on the bigger, more uncontrollable situations in our lives. But, what if we learned how to incorporate divinatory practices in our every day lives in a more practical, grounding way?

If this sounds interesting to you as a diviner, then I would invite you to consider using your favorite divinatory tools for promoting a deeper connection with yourself through this type of self-reflection.

One of the many reasons as to why divination works in the way it does is because of the fact that a lot of our divinatory tools reflect our subconscious minds, which already makes them a ideal tool for deep introspection. Tarot is a great example of this.

Our divinatory tools should be viewed an extension of ourselves. We should treat them as if they were a good friend, and inquire them with our concerns in the same way. Sit down at the beginning of your day, if you have the time, and ask them for an intention to focus on for the day, then pull one card (or however many you'd like, although I'd recommend one card). Sit down with your card and try to gather all of the knowledge you can from it then take what resonates with you the most. Your job is to essentially see how that intention will align with the rest of your day.

You can easily make this a daily, weekly, or even bi-weekly practice. Maybe pick a special journal of yours to document your experiences and feelings when you're doing this kind of intuitve practice. Intentionality is one of the most helpful tools we can incorporate into our daily practice as spiritualists for growth and self-awareness.

This practice can also be helpful with understanding the kind of changes we need to implement into our lives, which can promote a lot of healing within ourselves. This type of self-reflection is really important for breaking the cycles that keep us feeling stuck, because when you're able to see your struggles clearly, you can make the conscious choice to choose differently when these struggles arise again through your discernment. Proper implementation is crucial to healing, so don't feel too afraid of switching up your daily routine from time to time with this practice depending on what feels best to you.

Divinatory practice is a great tool, especially for the exploration of the subconscious self and integrating the subconscious self. So consider making these intuitive practices a part of your everyday routine, and watch your relationship with yourself blossom!


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